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Original Design Furniture Manufacturer by Piguno

If you are planning to refurnish your home or backyard or patio area, then stop browsing and take a look at the great Indonesia furniture. There are many prevalent ways which you can do to enhance your home decoration with the original design furniture manufacturer, Piguno. So, let’s dig on the advantages of Indonesia furniture from Piguno.

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Advantages of Piguno Indonesia furniture

Sturdiness, Durability, and Longevity
The Indonesian furniture from Piguno can stand up over time. When you put the best furniture in your house, whether it is for outdoor furniture or indoor furniture , then you are making a great investment because the teak furnishings will be more valuable as the time goes by. Not to mention that these furnishings are very sturdy. So you won’t have to worry to put them in your patio for heavy users like BBQ party, family games, potluck party, and so on. It is strong enough to withstand the ways of usages for years. The furniture pieces are even resistant to outside weather and require little maintenance to preserve their features. At the same time, such furnishing piece is durable and firm. It goes without saying that Indonesia furniture makes a great choice when it comes to refinishing. No matter how you want to sit and relax, the teak furniture from Piguno will come in handy.

You have probably known that the furnishings which are made of wooden materials have their own uniqueness. No matter how you look at them, the products are very captivating. However, many of them come with some catches. Folks are held responsible to routinely maintain and do a proper treatment on regular basis. Let’s admit it. These can make you bother more than relaxing and enjoy your time. But it won’t happen to you if you use Indonesia furniture from Piguno.
You can leave it carefree when you put the furniture piece inside or outside your house. With this naturally made piece, you will have peace of mind when inviting guests over the barbecue, meeting, birthday, family gathering, and other social purposes. There is nothing to worry about the teak furniture from Piguno because it encourages you to be at ease.

The Craftsmanship of the Indonesian furniture
The Original Design Furniture Manufacturer Piguno comes with the perfect composition of beautiful elements as well as supportive features. What you can’t get from common wooden furniture is the authenticity of the design of the Indonesian furniture. The well-crafted piece of teak furnishing is all you need to enhance your room, deliver the homey nuances, and attract your visitors’ eyes. It is a remarkable piece that you will be appreciating in the future. So make sure that you choose the manufacturer that knows about Indonesian furnishing pieces, like Piguno.

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Perpetual Home Decoration Statement
The timeless design of the furniture is one of the most selling points of Piguno pieces. While some folks are confused to rearrange their room because they stuck in latest trends, the Indonesian furniture is a perpetual choice in any era. The long lasting appeal is definitely what you need to keep your home sweet home. By using the best from nature, Piguno makes sure that your house will be accompanied by the pieces that won’t wear out no matter what the mainstream proclaims right now. The original furniture from Indonesia is the best way to refurbish your indoor or outdoor space and their surroundings. And as the people who enjoy the pieces? They will thank you for these amazing furnishings!

Make Your House Exquisite with Indonesia Furniture
The furniture selection in your house signifies the preferences and tastes that you embrace. With the furnishing pieces from Indonesia, you enhance the pivotal areas in your house including dining area, patio, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and even bathroom. With the collections from Piguno, you will have the liberty to mix and match the original pieces to create such a welcoming home. Literally, with an appropriate refinishing, you will make your own sanctuary.
The furnishing piece for a youngster will be different from a parent who lives with a wife and 2 kids. This will be clear enough to define your needs and requirements. This will also help you determine to add a personal touch to make your house more comfortable for all the members of the family. If your kids are fun and active, consider avoiding sharp corners, unstable frames, and dangerous chemicals. Furnishings of Piguno really convey this necessity. So you can’t go wrong with the Indonesian furniture.
Piguno also offers customization in the furniture. As we know that each household has different size of living room. That’s why it is important to add the fitting furnishings to make use space maximally. The customized furniture will come in handy when refurbishing your living room. It is undeniably the highest traffic area because of you and your family, as well as guests, often use it.
The ambiance and nuance of the living room must be welcoming and inviting.You will want the furnishing in your area convey the family and guests necessity. And you will want the pieces in your living area to pamper everyone who stays for a while. An ideal living room will be added by sofa, recliner, armchair, side tables, coffee tables, as well as a loveseat. Consider looking for these in Piguno official site. You will be wowed with the collections.

Custom Design of Indonesia Furniture
So, how can you do about the custom design of Indonesia furniture? Piguno has a proficient team that is ready for your next refinishing project. They will lead you to prepare everything in easy step-by-step manner.
The first focus will be measuring the entire area in which you want to refurnish. This will also make sure how much space is available to add new furniture piece. It can be done independently or hire someone expert in the field.
Then the next step will be the measurement process of the entryways. Your customized furnishing pieces should be able to be brought into the room. This won’t succeed if the doorway is too small, or the furnishings are too big. Since sofa is the most demanding furnishing in term of space, you could consider selecting sofa first.
The next thing you want to consider is to decide how are you going to use the customized Indonesia furniture.Don’t hesitate to Discuss with Piguno team so that you can actualize your ideas without hassle and fuss.
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The great Indonesia furniture wholesale company

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Most of the exquisite Asian furnishings are ones which made from teak as you can see in the best Asia Furniture Shop. In many renovations and furnishing plans, many consider teak furniture because of obvious reasons. Whether it is made for indoor or outdoor, this will become a high-value asset in the future.

The furniture pieces that you get from Asia Furniture Shop can last for generations. It is durable, sturdy, and very fascinating. The furnishings can withstand the heavy users of the users as well as the extreme surrounding factors like water, weather, etc. These are highly demanded items in many parts of the world.

The champ characteristics of the Teak wood make it easier to work with the craftsman. No wonder that you’ll be able to look at the wide array of designs in the Asia Furniture Shop gallery. From the simplest to more complex designs, you can find literally everything. Lay your hands and touch the surface of the furnishings. You will suddenly realize that it is a magnificent piece created by the genius craftsmen from Indonesia. The moment you receive the items at your doorstep, you will realize that these will be passed from one generation to the next ones.

Common furniture pieces that you can get from Asia Furniture company are

Patio Sets
The teak furniture from Asia Furniture Shop can be very great when locating outdoors. And you can place them there without covering up. They will not wear out. And this will be your best companion that will last up to 75 years or more depending on the maintenance. The patio sets consists of dining chairs, dining tables, benches, lounge chairs, sofas, bar tables, cabinets, and much more. The good thing about Asia Furniture Shop gallery is that the collections are very great to be used for residential and commercial purposes. So no matter where you want to put them, you don’t have to worry that they won’t be suitable for your patio. You can’t go wrong with Asian furniture.

Made of the strong wooden materials, the Asian furniture can withstands the defective natural elements outside. When the weather gets colder, your furniture will be standing out. They won’t give up and always make a good posture. The teak patio furniture sets are well-designed by professional craftsmen.

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Dining Sets
When it comes to dining sets, most modern people will agree that they are not only for indoor but also outdoor. It does not matter if you have a deck, patio, porch, backyard, or balcony, you surely want to enjoy such valuable time with friends and family. And there is no better than eating at the same table outside. Now the outdoor dining sets are equally prevalent with interior dining sets. In your patio, you will have such enjoyable meal in the great outdoors. The outdoor dining sets from Asia Furniture Shop is the best choice that you can make for outdoor table and chair set.


Consider having benches from Asia Furniture Shop to enhance your outdoor space. When you browse the gallery of the site, you’ll be surprised that it is actually very easy to find the perfect bench to accentuate your backyard or outdoor space. If you want to have furnishings that can be durable and long lasting without sacrificing the fashion statement, then getting the new ones from is the right thing to do. The benches are highly demanded because of their beauty as well as versatility. Can you imagine that you will have a nice afternoon with a cup of tea, reading your favorite book without interruption? And you can lie down on the benches and enjoy your great day. Benches have a lot of things to offer. If you have some spaces in your backyard, try adding these.

Outdoor Chairs

Strong and durable outdoor chairs can be purchased from Furniture For The strong and stable outdoor chairs from Asia Furniture Shop is easy to maintain and treated. You will not need to purchase expensive chemical solutions to clean your furnishings. With just lukewarm water, mild soap and a soft brush, you are good to go. Outdoor chairs are the perfect companion to enjoy your leisure time in the balcony while reading the newspaper. Consider sipping a cup of coffee and sit for awhile to get some inspirations for the day. You won’t regret it.

Outdoor Tables

It goes without saying that outdoor tables are very versatile. You and your family and friends are able to do various activities with these. The tables will also bring together the many outdoor pieces that will work simultaneously. By placing the table in your outdoor space, you will make your patio completed. It is a hands-off decoration since you will be a pro by just putting the outdoor tables in a strategic location. Your main objective to make your outdoor space very welcoming and relaxing. You want that all the members of your family and guests are able to enjoy their time there. Most of the time, by just simply putting the tables and chairs, you are good to go. Consider the size of the table you want to locate. You don’t want to have either too big or too small table in your outdoor space.

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Loungers / Reclining Chairs

There is nothing better than lazing around in the summer. If you want to do this at home, you could consider getting loungers or reclining chairs. Have a perfect summer time and relax as much as you want. You will realize that it is the nice way to recharge and rejuvenate from such hectic lives. During the summer days, relaxation can be supported well by the loungers or reclining chairs.

You don’t need to go outside to enjoy this privilege. Just add your backyard with loungers, and you are good to go. With the great loungers, you will consider your home as the best spot to relax and chill in the summertime. Don’t forget to invite out your friends. As if that is not enough, consider adding reclining chairs surrounding the yard so that your guests can also enjoy their time.

The next time you want to add more furniture pieces at home, consider purchasing from Asia Furniture Shop. You will smile and have fun :)

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Wholesale Indonesia contemporary furniture

Wholesale Indonesia contemporary furniture

Piguno offers Indonesian modern contemporary furniture for any room including bedroom, living room, or other indoor furniture as well as outdoor. We have been decorating the modern and stylish home for everything to fit your lifestyle, Unique and minimalists accents, for every room in a geometric design.
A wide selection of modern sofa, benches, beds, tables, features newest design with fresh-looking and also functional furnishings mix of kinds that has it all. Any creation of exclusive modern designs gives domestic styles that has offered quality with a huge selection of bedrooms, dining room, living room, sofas, sectionals and many others.

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Indonesia furniture

Indonesia furniture wholesale | Asia wooden furniture exporter

Piguno also offers Indonesian contemporary furniture best in modern styles for your home, office and garden. An extensive Indonesia Furniture online store collections of furnishings huge variety styles such as platform bed, sectional sofas, bedroom furniture, leather sofa the home of style with many options and wide selection of stylish display. Design of inspiration combined creation of stunning range focused on innovation, high quality materials with skilled finishing. Inspired elements, a progressive with cutting edge stylish modern furniture and contemporary furniture for trendy and top-quality sources.

Contemporary furniture collections, an excellent choice of design in a great selection of furnishing for home and garden. A wide range of modern and contemporary interior as well as exterior for unique design including benches, tables, chairs and all of the most beautiful and sophisticated display in modern furniture stores in a differentiate comfortable design.

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PIGUNO - Indonesia furniture manufacture
Jl. Solo Yogya KM.26 Penggung, Ceper, Klaten 57465, Central Java, Indonesia,
+62  272 555 888

We manufacture export only quality Indonesia contemporary furniture. contemporary wood garden furniture set. Teak wood furniture for outdoor garden made of root wood. Furniture set with contemporary wood chairs, teak root wood bench and tables. Browse our Indonesia contemporary furniture product list. Garden furniture made of teak wood. We have a large collection of outdoor furniture and patio furniture made of teak wood. The teak wood taken from teak tree root. The hardest part of the teak tree. Our teak garden furniture surely will last for long time. Very little maintenance is needed. Indonesia contemporary Furniture. Antique Wood Furniture from Indonesia Rustic Furniture Old Reclaimed Teak Wood. Home Furniture Teak Wood.

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Buy furniture direct Indonesia furniture manufacture wholesale

Wholesale Indonesia indoor furniture, Furniture for hotel, Indonesia teak furniture, Indonesia home decor

Now, Indonesian Furniture has become one more step ahead, as it is ready for online. Furniture online shopping  has become one more important addition that international market can contact with the manufacturers directly, so that they can negotiate, order and buy furniture easily. Online Indonesia Furniture can be accessed from everywhere around the world, which all can be seen directly, whether the items, warehouse, gallery and others. Indonesian Furniture Online Store has become trend and habit whether for personal retail and of course wholesale focused.

With Indonesian Furniture Online shop, you can order outdoor or indoor furniture with directly contact the manufacture. The price surely will be more competitive, and the buyer can have good price for sure. You can also ensure the quality during the making process. Many options in style, size and resources. The reproduction of antique design, such as French style, Dutch Colonial, British, Spanish all can be produced here as well as unfinished options. Reclaimed Teak Furniture Indonesia also become the most wanted items for shipped.
Indonesia furniture, Indonesia home decor, Indonesia garden furniture, Indonesia modern furniture
Piguno - Indonesia Furniture show many update products and items that can be choose. Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture gives unique expression for home and garden furnishing, whether indoor and outdoor. Solid and hardwood option is supported by legal plantation original from Legal authorization Perhutani, Indonesian Government. Indonesia Furniture Market shop by reputation manufacturers, with online option will be more update in export industry.

Indonesia furniture wholesale | Asia wooden furniture exporter

All products directly produced by local factory which has good reputation in international market and have extended experience in shipping handling, deliver professionally to worldwide destinations, all continents. You can contact with Indonesian furniture direct whether deals with wholesale terms, or retail sale as well, all welcome. As an agents or re-seller, you can also deals to import to your country, as Piguno already well known as one of the popular Indonesian Furniture Exporters, manufacturers and suppliers company.

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PIGUNO - Indonesia furniture manufacture
Jl. Solo Yogya KM.26 Penggung, Ceper, Klaten 57465, Central Java, Indonesia,
+62  272 555 888

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The best place for Indonesia furniture manufacture

Indonesia furniture manufacture, Furniture for hotel, Indonesia garden furniture,Indonesia modern furniture

Indonesia furniture, Furniture projects, Furniture for hotel, Indonesia modern furniture, Indonesian furniture
Jepara, Bali and Lombok are become most famous in Indonesian wood carving and furnishing business. If you want to know more complete details regarding Indonesian Furniture Online Store including manufacturers, supplier and exporter, then you can direct gather information from the association which handling called Asmindo (Indonesia Furniture Industry and Handicraft Association).

You can find many options from antique and classic collections up to modern contemporary design. This product already available for export consumption, to many countries and continents, such Indonesia, Asia, Europe, USA, Australia and even to South Africa.

Indonesia Furniture has become one of the most wanted items in wholesale and retail business. There are many re-seller, warehouse and gallery importing directly from manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. You can order many items available in custom made or by requisitions. If you go to Klaten, then one of the most popular items is teak garden furniture and teak indoor furniture. High quality teak furniture that can define into reality, to implement the ideas become dimensions. Jepara is the most well known Java Furniture maker which has become the leader for furnishing and wood carving. When you order from Piguno furniture, then the shipping or the vessel is FOB or CIF Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Indonesia furniture wholesale | Asia wooden furniture exporter

Many kinds of wood items produced here and use as resources and material, such as teak wood, mahogany, rattan, wicker, rosewood etc ... Indonesia Teak Furniture (usually called "kayu jati") has become the first choice because its natural look quality. For buyer prospect, they can also come and visit the routine event arrange by event organizer, usually held in Jakarta, Indonesia, the mother town, which still located in Java Island. There are many Indonesia Furniture Exhibition, fair and expo for international market destination. Indonesia International Furniture Expo held because the production already focused on international market due to the quality already well known world wide.

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PIGUNO - Indonesia furniture factory
Jl. Solo Yogya KM.26 Penggung, Ceper, Klaten 57465, Central Java, Indonesia,
+62  272 555 888

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teak dining room furniture Indonesia collections by Piguno

Indonesia indoor teak furniture, Furniture for hotel, Indonesia teak furniture, Indonesia furniture

Piguno offers teak dining room furniture Indonesia collections from contemporary design up to rustic style the perfect productions by natural beauty a range of solid teak wood furniture resources including teak dining tables and chairs. An extensive collection styles and finishing in a gorgeous range with round design, square, rectangular as well as extendable tables as the perfect center piece for your home interior especially for your dining room. High quality collection for kitchen and dining room furniture, robust natural wood from solid planks harvested and strictly managed made from Indonesia teak furniture.

Wholesale Indonesia furniture | Asia wooden furniture factory

Piguno has indoor teak dining furniture a variety of housewares, indoor furniture and decoration as a timeless style of sustainability chic collection with graceful style for perfect dining room. Teak Wood Dining Sets with unique teak roots pieces is a fantastic selection of dining tables and chairs that you can choose among the available collection in Indonesia Furniture Online Store market. A compact dining room furniture is perfect with the rest of unique collections. Teak Dining Room Furniture relatively simple and low maintenance requirements, it is an exceptionally solid teak home furnishing.

Wholesale Indonesia furniture

Indonesian Teak Dining Room Furniture designed for full function and flexibility purpose to make a wide range of quality easy to maintain with excellent high quality. Furniture home decor an interesting collection as the result and the blend of simple teak furniture style with a warm wood finishing works well with various color schemes a perfect wood of choice for it lasts long and ages beautifully designs sleek durable teak wood. Indoor Furniture collections dining tables, chairs and sideboards offers a comprehensive and exquisite designs comes in a variety of styles.

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PIGUNO -  Indonesia furniture manufacture
Jl. Solo Yogya KM.26 Penggung, Ceper, Klaten 57465, Central Java, Indonesia,
+62  272 555 888

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Indonesia restaurant furniture supplier

Indonesia restaurant furniture supplier, Furniture for hotel, Indonesia patio furniture, Indonesia home decor

Piguno offers wholesale restaurant furniture supply available in supplying restaurant furnishings commercial including from teak wood, rattan, aluminum, metal, bamboo or mix combination with many others custom made featuring products. Restaurant Tables, bar stools and chairs specifically usage for special interior or exterior in round, rectangular or square with commercial wholesale restaurant supplies from experience suppliers of commercial manufacturers from factory direct designed and built with quality for the hospitality industry. Indoor, outdoor restaurant, bar furniture available for wholesale.

Indonesia hotel furniture wholesale | Asia garden furniture

Indonesia furniture, Indonesia dining set furniture, Indonesia living furniture, Indonesia home decor
Restaurant furniture supply wholesale various high quality products with wide selection of commercial grade at wholesale prices offering the finest bar stools, chairs, table tops, table bases and tables will define in Leisure industries such as Hotel Furniture, Restaurants, Pool Side, Pub and Bar is awesome and offering a wide choice of stylish with contract wholesale from Indonesia Furniture experts where you can get the perfect restaurant tables, chairs, and bar stools, a top-class furniture manufacturer and suppliers located at Jepara, from Central Java, Indonesia has been continuously trying to deliver worldwide.

Indonesia furniture

Indonesian Restaurant Furniture Wholesalers with versatility and wide range with beautiful durable resources, functional and design-oriented you can see the full range offers online, direct wholesale restaurant contact for further negotiations. A massive range of options and items, commercial seating and tables includes many types of metal, teak, rattan, aluminium restaurant chairs, a versatile supplies with number one choices for wholesale restaurant furniture suppliers. High quality source Indonesian Furniture Wholesale Suppliers with both modern and  vintage elegant all well-crafted pieces to enhance any room at restaurant.

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Jl. Solo Yogya KM.26 Penggung, Ceper, Klaten 57465, Central Java, Indonesia,
+62  272 555 888

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