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Piguno - Furniture & Interior

Piguno - Furniture & Interior

Piguno is an Indonesian furniture manufacturer and Indonesia exporter in Indonesia. We are established in 1993 at Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. We produce outdoor furniture, garden furniture and patio furniture. Our Markets are wholesaler, furniture store, apartment, restaurant, hotel project, etc.

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Focusing on produce world-class quality, using the best selection of materials from teak wood, recycled Teak, wooden mahogany and many other local wood (Supplier kayu). As well as combining with other materials such as metal, rattan, stainless, etc. Our wooden materials came directly from legal wood and we also used kiln dry to make sure that the wood moisture is low enough to minimize any risk.

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Lighting for living & Decorative lamp for interior design

Wisanka hospitality offers Indonesia lighting from table lamp, hanging lamp, wall lamp, standing lamp, floor lamp with wooden, shell, iron and other material.We support custom design lamp based on customer design for hospitality or private projects. Indonesia lamp manufacture.

Decorative lighting for interior | Bali lamp supplier wholesale

An online Indonesia lamp manufacture offers the finest Bali decorative lamp, table wooden lamp, hanging iron, floor decorative lamp, and Indonesia lamp factory. Wisanka has custom high decorative lighting cration. Our skilled craftsman use a combination of machine tools and hand made techniques to produce beautiful decorative lamp for indoor and outdoor lamps.

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Looking furniture for your Indonesian east projects?

Looking furniture for your Indonesian east projects?

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Looking furniture for your Indonesian east projects? Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi, Ambon, Papua, Gili island and  other Indonesian small island ?
Wisanka Bali Furniture is Indonesia furniture manufacturing company based in Bali, Indonesia. Our main activities are manufacture and export of outdoor furniture and indoor furniture, as well as a wide range of high quality furniture products for the home living, restaurant, resorts, villas and hotel projects (FF&E).

We produce our wooden and metal furniture in Solo & Jepara, Central Java while wicker furniture are manufactured in our factory in Cirebon, West Java – Indonesia.

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We are committed each day to build furniture with quality materials by skilled craftsmen. A leading furniture manufacturer as well as supplier & exporter of huge range quality furniture.

Wisanka Bali Furniture has been operating for more than 25 years, and is one of the leading Indonesian furniture manufacturer in Indonesia. We are also recognized as one of hotel interior design companies in the Indonesia country due to our experienced in-house hospitality interior design team.

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Furniture for restaurantprojects Bali

Furniture for restaurant


This is the best place restaurant furniture supplier to find a wide selection of affordable outdoor furniture for your restaurant, bar, or resort. All of our outdoor restaurant furniture is specially designed for commercial, outside use. We’re have restaurant tables and chairs, dining set furniture, outdoor bar furniture, park benches, cafe umbrellas, and more! So if you’re furnishing an outside spot, we are sure to have what you’re looking for!

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On top of having the capability to endure all types of weather, our outdoor hospitality furniture is always listed at low sale prices. If you’re looking for affordable, quality outdoor furniture for sale, you’ll be happy you stopped by !

Bali furniture

Striving to be your one stop shop, we also carry a line of indoor restaurant furniture, for all your shopping needs! Let us furnish your restaurant, bistro, or café from the inside out!
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No matter small or big furniture projects, private projects, interior furniture projects, building furniture projects for new hotels, villas and resort. We do custom products in Indonesia furniture, decorative lighting, Indonesia timber house and custom wooden products.

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Wholesale furniture Projects by Wisanka Bali

Wholesale furniture Projects by Wisanka

LET’S START YOUR Furniture Projects


 Wholesale Furniture Center Here..If you a importer, distributor, exporter, retail shop, projects manager, wholesaler of the furniture products you can get a lot of good source about leather teak furniture online here.

Wisanka Wholesale Furniture has been a Gold Supplier in Alibaba for 10 years. Already many wholesale buyers from all over the world who are satisfied doing business with Wisanka Wholesale Supplier.

 On top of having the capability to endure all types of weather, our outdoor hospitality furniture is always listed at low sale prices. If you’re looking for affordable, quality outdoor furniture for sale, you’ll be happy you stopped by !

Bali furniture

Striving to be your one stop shop, we also carry a line of indoor restaurant furniture, for all your shopping needs! Let us furnish your restaurant, bistro, or café from the inside out!
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No matter small or big furniture projects, private projects, interior furniture projects, building furniture projects for new hotels, villas and resort. We do custom products in Indonesia furniture, decorative lighting, Indonesia timber house and custom wooden products.

We glad to discuss about your projects !!!

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Classic Furniture Reproduction Bali by Wisanka Bali

Classic Furniture Reproduction Bali by Wisanka

Classic furniture Jepara, Indonesia furniture, Bali furnitureIndonesia Classic is the right place for Art lover as we have always committed to the advancement of our products, our people, and our community. Our reliable craftsmen networking ensure you the best wooden classic furniture built by skill and expertise with high sense of art. All collections suggested in this site are manufactured by a company recognized as a leader in furniture business with reliable networking craftsmen since 1993 - Indonesian furniture Projects Company.

Classic Furniture Reproduction - Wood Classics Furniture Company - Bali furniture

Indonesia Classic Furniture is the brand of timeless fine furniture carried out by PT. Wirasindo Santakarya (WISANKA). Our furniture affect you as a king and queen in your comfortable palace by it's original style, unique carving that reveals beauty and luxury, fine finishing touch, and high quality of upholstery. With your own creation, you may also combine classic furniture with modern furniture to go together in a harmony.
Bali classic furniture, Furniture Bali, Wholesale Bali furniture

We have large selection of furniture that always keeps up with market demand on fresh and original design, new finishing touch and also environmental friendly materials. The collections cover up all furniture selection for living room, dining room, home office, and kitchen. Furthermore, all furniture is available in any type of wood such as teak, mahogany, oak and more.

Bali classic Furniture Reproduction - Bali Wood Classics Furniture Company - Bali teak furniture

To furnish your living room, we have buffet and TV stand, book rack, plan stand, set console table and mirror, glass display cabinet, side board, lamp table, love seat, coffee table or sofa table, arm chair, fireplace, telephone table, and CD rack. For your dining room furniture, we offer side board and its mirror, gallery cabinet, dining table, dining chair with arm, dining chair armless, display rack, tea table, wine cabinet, wine table and wine chair. For bed room, we provide a large selection of glorious bed and headboard, bedside cabinet, dresser with its mirror, wardrobe, TV Cabinet, day bed and stool, trunk, chest of drawer, bookshelves, and dressing table.

The collection is also available to furnish your home wooden office with fine writing desk, office chair, swivel chair, book rack, comfortable couch for reading and many more. Your kitchen is not completed without our kitchen cabinet, kitchen island cabinet, wall rack, and wine rack. And if those are still not enough, our occasional items such as mirror, valet, ladder, trunk, architectural items, custom made table, chairs, cabinet, buffet are available. And... your custom designs are acceptable as well.
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We proudly bring all of those luxuries furniture to you... Right Here... Right Now in Indonesia Classic.

teak root furniture indonesia

teak root furniture indonesia

teak root furniture indonesia

Opening up your home to the outdoors is a great way to expand your living space. Just like the interior, your patio furniture should be relaxing and represent your style and tastes.

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Fun With Pallets
Pallets are used in everyday shipping and can often be purchased for next to nothing. There are several different ways you can use the wood from these pieces to create unique patio furniture. Lining several pallets up and placing a cushion on top of them makes for a comfortable couch. You can also suspend one from a large tree or roof and place a small mattress on it to create an outdoor swing bed. By painting it and adding legs, you will have a functional coffee table.

Seating in the Shade
Traditional patio furniture requires that your seating is a chair or couch located on a deck or terrace. In fact, you could add some desired seating around your favorite shade tree. Tree benches are a great addition to any outdoor space and can either be purchased or made from the spare wood you may have around the house.

Old Tires
Old tires do not have to end up in landfills. Instead, they can be repurposed to be a stylish end table. By stacking two or three and then painting them a vibrant color, you can add a rustic feel to your outdoor space. To turn it into a table, simply add a glass topper or piece of wood.
Tires do not have to just be end tables. In fact, you can add a cushion to the center to make it a comfortable ottoman or simple stool. You can also add a planter in the middle.

Repurpose Terracotta Pots
You can add brilliant colors and useful designs by repurposing your old terracotta pots. By turning them upside down and adding another pot to add some height, you can have useful end tables that are better than the old standby. These pots are durable and sturdy. You can easily repaint them to match your space or other patio furniture pieces.

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Bali furniture, Wholesale Bali rattan furniture
Open Center Tables
Patio furniture should be functional. Sure, a traditional picnic table is functional enough as a place to set your plates and drinks when you are eating outside. However, if you open up the center just a little, you can put in a cooler. This allows you to keep cold drinks within easy reach during your meal.

Not everyone likes the idea of having a cooler in the middle of his or her table, however. For those who don’t care for the cooler idea, the space can be used for other things. Succulent plants add beauty to a dinner table. You can also add useful herbs to help enhance your meal.

Decorating your outdoor space is a fun way to let your personality show. You can take everyday objects and turn them into fun, functional pieces that everyone will be talking about.

lighting for living

lighting for living

Nowadays, lighting is more than just a light. When the decorative lamps lighted out, it is like a ower of lotus on the lake. Alter the expression is the assumption that only serves as a torch. Besides, lighting concept can provide a di erent psychological e ect on residents. 
Thus, this website brings a modern lighting design in wide range of choice. We are a leading of Indonesian Export company and manufacturer of Rattan Lamp, Resin Lamp, Modern Lamp, Natural Lamp, and handicraft, which located in Cirebon. Our lamp product woven by High Quality rattan, resin and another materials. Our company also has other collection such as indoor lamp, outdoor lamp. Our sta who always endeavors to satisfy our customer, also supported by skillful and well experienced crafts man, which are covered by Quality System Management to make sure that quality was rooted permanently in all aspects of its production. 
We are serious in this business by providing various designs of lamp, quality and competitive price. The electricity components that we have are European and US standard equipped with electrical component certificate. Stand as Art lamp, we proudly present our collection through this site. Available in Floor Lamp, Table Lamp, Wall Lamp, Hanging Lamp, Stool and Planter. We have been developed design as art lamp for indoor or outdoor and ever changing products as we adapt to our customer’s needs. All our products are handmade products and manufactured by skillful hand and well experienced, so present a high esthetic and its own unique character.  Indonesia furniture.
Furniture for hotel projects, Bali furniture, Indonesia furniture supplier
These are supported by series of quality control covering material selection, framing process, weaving process, sanding process, precoloring process, coloring and staining process, nishing process packing and loading process for manufactured perfect decorative rattan lamp product. Supported by skillful and professional production teamwork for decorative lighting, we are one-step further by using resin, banana leaf, wood, stone, cocostick and teak as the main material for lamp and mix various natural materials for the decoration. Every pieces of our Art Lamp are using local materials, local cultures combine with handmade of local people, will give you unique touch of Art Lamp. Its hand made could make slight di erent in items but that is what make its unique - only one and it is especially made for you.
Our natural bers lamp and craft could brings naturality from our nature and craftmanship from our people to your home and your family, comforting your life with Natural Lamp. Moreover, we use water base nishing system that are non toxic and eco-friendly which keep your family safe ...Find your suitest Art Lamp items to meet your desire here.
Outdoor Bali furniture, Wholesale Indonesia furniture supplier, Bali furniture
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