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Indonesia furniture manufacturers in Java

Indonesia furniture | Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers

Indonesia furniture, Indonesia furniture manufacturer, Indonesia furniture factory The furniture industry in Indonesia has long been one of the world’s largest in terms of furniture manufacturing and furniture exporting, while the Indonesian furniture manufacturers are well-acknowledged for their great performances in both furniture sales domestically and in furniture exports to the global market. 

As one of the world’s fastest-growing furniture manufacturers & most popular furniture exporters, Indonesia’s furniture market also is highly segmented and competitive.
Therefore, the overall furniture industry in Indonesia continues to grow. Mainly driven by the rise of export values. The leading Indonesian furniture manufacturers are expected to face stronger pressure from other emerging domestic industrial rivals and major furniture exporters in other countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, & the Philippines.

Indonesian Furniture Industry Overview

The The Indonesian furniture industry is an export-oriented sector that contributes significantly to the country’s manufacturing sector every year. It’s teak furniture and rattan furniture products are in high demand in both local and international markets. It’s also making Indonesia the 4th largest furniture exporters in The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region.

Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer and supplier of high-quality Boutique Hotel Furniture. European Furniture Manufacturer and factory direct source for quality hotel furniture. We manufacture quality rattan and wicker furniture also. Our products include living room furniture, a white dining room, and bedroom furniture. Cut out the middleman while buying factory direct from us. Piguno Furniture is a manufacturer and supplier of a high boutique hotel and resort furniture, white distressed furniture.
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Indonesia furniture manufacturers in 2019

  1. Wisanka

    Wisanka Indonesia is one of the top 10 Indonesian furniture manufacturers. The company started as an Indonesian furniture exporter in 1993 and has been growing rapidly since then. Wisanka Indonesia consists of five divisions covered seven product ranges including wooden furniture, indoor teak, rattan, and natural fibers, classic furniture, outdoor furniture, synthetic rattan, and lighting & craft. Wisanka has exported furniture to Japan, Korea, India, UAE, Spain, Germany, France, USA, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, and others.
  2. Piguno

    Piguno Indonesian furniture manufacturers offer Indonesia furniture, exporter of indoor to outdoor, furniture for project, decorative lighting, home decor, and craft with retail & wholesale prices. Our high-quality furniture products for homes, restaurants, resorts, villas, apartments, hospitality, private houses, and hotel projects (FF & E).
    All kinds of Indonesian furniture are from teak wood, wooden mahogany, indoor teak wood, contemporary & modern, reclaimed teak wooden, teak root, teak branch, rattan synthetic, alloy casting, solid teak wood, also stainless steel.

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